About FLUS

What is the FLUS?

“Unabhängige Fachschaftsliste der Universität Salzburg” – short FLUS – is a fraction by and for students which aims to be an organisation that is both independent from political parties as well as close to students and their interests.

FLUS was founded in February 2017 as reaction to the situation in the ÖH. As “Fachschaftsliste” we are part of the head organisation FLÖ – unabhängige Fachschaftslisten Österreichs. The abbreviation “FLUS” is a hommage to the Salzach, which belongs to Salzburg quite as much as the mountains or Mozart. Therefore also the turquise waves in our logo. Orange stands for our roots, the already mentioned Fachschafslisten, and we aim to bring movement and fresh wind into the city.

As an independent fraction we do not receive money from other parties, and do not have to struggle with different ideals of Red, Black, Green and Co. Instead we can focus on those on whom every students representative fraction should concentrate: The students.