Independence from political partys

FLUS is a fraction which works independent of fedearl-level political parties. We see our independence as an extension of student’s freedom.
The ÖH must not be a steppingstone for upcoming politicians, but should be thought of as an open room for all students who wish to engage for their fellow students.

For the possibility to engage in the ÖH

Every student has the possibility as well as the right to engage in the ÖH. We would especially like to hear your opinions concerning important decision in the work of the ÖH, because a students representative fraction can only do good work if knows and tackles the issues of the students. Every person has the right to be heard and to speak out his or her ideals.

For diversity and agains every kind of discriminiation

Every person has the right to be heard, no matter which ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender etc. We engage actively against discriminiating acts or words. University should be a place in which no one should have fear, but where relations in mutual respect and support should grow.

Against the ongoing schoollike teaching

We criticise the change of many Universities to mere training facilities. Static currica are an obstacle for the development of an autonomous and critically thinking personality. They restrict the human wish to seek knowledge above and beyond common ways of thinking or the own discipline. Therefore we engage for flexibility, freedom of choice and individual priorisation.

For closeness to the students and the StV

The relation between single students or StVs (students representatives at the level of single studies) in Salzburg is not very close. The representatives were institutions above the head of the students. Especially in our times it is necessary that students have a representation they can trust and they can contact with their own concerns. Therefore, FLUS focuses on shared work programme between StVs, FVs (faculty representatives) and UV (university representative – the ‘students parliament’).

For a fair system of contributions and scholarships

Many students have financial difficulties, some have therefore troubles finishing their study. Study fees should be cancelled for all students, so that there is no longer a discrimination of students from other countries.
Furthermore, (social) scholarships should be adapted to the inflation, which has not been done since many years – the value of scholarships has ever remained the same while the prices have increased. We want to reach this goal together with FLÖ- Fachschaftslisten Österreichs.