Our goals

  • Independence of the Students Union: The ÖH fees should be used for students only and not for certain interests of political parties.
  • Relief of those studies which are very demanding.
  • A real phase of orientation at the beginning of a study instead of the current StEOP.
  • Better ÖH structures: All students should be informed where to receive good advice – and should effectively receive this advice.
  • Make the use of public transport systems easier for students.
  • More freedom of choice in the Curricula and more recognition of pre-University education.
  • Increase of (social) scholarships, reduction of fees.
  • The possibility to see lectures online.
  • To show students the work behind the scenes of the ÖH: What is the everyday work like?
  • Establishing a dialogue with as many students as possible: You know best what should change.

Successes of FLUS (2017)

  • Foundation in February 2017.
  • Candidation for our first ÖH elections.
  • Discussions and dialogues with students about questions concerning University and ÖH.
  • We are confident that this list will increase soon.