Result of the ÖH elections – BIG THANKS!

Dear supporters! We are happy to announce that with 168 votes at the elections last week we have achieved one mandate in the university representation (Universitätsvertretung = UV). This is a successful and encouraging start signal for our future work in the ÖH!

You have made this possible, therefore we want to express our gratitude for your encouraging support and your trust! We hope to have personal contact with many of you during the coming period to let your opinions and wishes influence our work – according to our philosophy. At any time do we sincerely accept feedback and suggestions also per email!

Now the next step is to find a decision on which coalition will take over the executive power in the university representative (UV)… The coming days will be very interesting. We keep you up-to-date as soon as we know more.

In any case: We are we looking forward to an interesting work in the ÖH with an optimistic eye.

Our Flyers

Dear supporters, we would like to introduce you our new flyers. They might not be as colorful those of other fractions, but we make the lack of color good with passion.  And our “Flokatis” (the little cats on the flyer) are also happy when they can show you that they are there for you.

We’re alive! FLUS is alive!

Hereby we inform you that we are going to candidate for the upcoming ÖH election. Our fraction was officially accepted and we are now waiting to turn our Uni a bit around and to open the established party system for a students representation which is not bound to political ideals of the great partys. We are there for you, not for a party.

“Ideenpicknick” at the faculty for Natural Sciences (NaWi)

Dear supporters, now our website is online and we’re ready to start our work; therefore, we would like to invite you to our “Ideenpicknick” on April, 06. at 16:00 in the back of the NaWi.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Countdown: ÖH election

The ÖH election takes place every second year, and also here in Salzburg the chairpersons and mandataries are elected. This is the first time that FLUS is a candidate in this election. To see a countdown for the ÖH election, click here.

Our website is online

We’re online! Great thanks to the members of FLÖ who made it possible for us to have this platform!

About FLUS

What is the FLUS?

“Unabhängige Fachschaftsliste der Universität Salzburg” – short FLUS – is a fraction by and for students which aims to be an organisation that is both independent from political parties as well as close to students and their interests.

FLUS was founded in February 2017 as reaction to the situation in the ÖH. As “Fachschaftsliste” we are part of the head organisation FLÖ – unabhängige Fachschaftslisten Österreichs. The abbreviation “FLUS” is a hommage to the Salzach, which belongs to Salzburg quite as much as the mountains or Mozart. Therefore also the turquise waves in our logo. Orange stands for our roots, the already mentioned Fachschafslisten, and we aim to bring movement and fresh wind into the city.

As an independent fraction we do not receive money from other parties, and do not have to struggle with different ideals of Red, Black, Green and Co. Instead we can focus on those on whom every students representative fraction should concentrate: The students.

FLÖ – the source of FLUS

FLÖ - Fachschaftslisten

FLÖ (Unabhängige Fachschaftslisten Österreichs) is our head organisation at federal level. FLÖ as an independent fraction aims to offer students comprehensive advice, information and service und to represent you in a constructive way to the University as well as the government. FLÖ is an association consisting of different local groups like our new founded FLUS in Salzburg.

The basic idea of FLÖ has always been to put the students into the center of the University politic. Therefore, they engage for an objectively, fact-based and transparent work in the ÖH which includes as many students into their work as possible.

If you want to know more about FLÖ, click here.


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